Vorteil für Architekten

A system floor releases you from the technical restrictions imposed on the design. You can therefore use all of the available space to turn your ideas into reality without any hindrances.

The sky is now the limit as far as your creativity is concerned. Weiss system floor components can be combined to create homogeneous room concepts, e.g. Weiss convector panels allow you to lay floor covering from roll-up grille to the facade without any interruptions.

Almost all types of floor covering can be applied to raised floor panels in the factory.


Vorteil für Eigentümer

System floors add value to a building. The flexibility of raised floors enables fast implementation of measures to reconfigure areas to suit changing demands and different users.


Vorteil für Ingenieure

Easy accessibility and simple solutions for technically complex installations.

Supply lines for electricity, air and data disappear under the floor thanks to the raised floor. Nowadays it is difficult to imagine technical rooms, such as data centers or switchgear, without raised floors.


Vorteil für Designer

Designers are given free rein as raised floors offer the perfect solution for creative possibilities. Walls free of annoying cables. A high level of diversity and a wide range of floor coverings offer a means of producing customized floor concepts. Fast design changes are also possible in combination with self-laying tiles.


Vorteil für Bauarbeiter

Buildings can be completed quickly thanks to the dry system floor concept. No delays, waiting for the screed to dry. Laying is fast and easy. Easy training of floor installation personnel.


Vorteil für Elektriker

Easy cable installation. No need for concealed installation work. No concealed wiring to worry about. Easier access than with a suspended ceiling.