System floors

System floors create an additional installation level. Various media can be routed through the hollow cavity created by the pedestals and panels according to the respective application.

This allows a high degree of flexibility by offering easy access to the installations at any time.

Raised floors therefore offer maximum flexibility and enable unlimited changes to the floor configuration.

Standardized to a size of 600 x 600 mm, all raised floor panels have the same dimensions and are therefore interchangeable.

In comparison, hollow floor systems only offer a means of accessing the installations through the inspection openings.

With careful planning, a hollow floor offers an economic alternative to a raised floor.

Easy integration of underfloor heating and underfloor air conditioning thanks to prefabricated grooves worked into the underside of each panel.

Dry hollow floors are ready for use immediately after assembly.

Wet hollow floors are the most cost-effective system floor variant.

This type of system floor may be used if there is sufficient time to allow drying of screed applied to formwork panels.

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