Weiss Doppelbodensysteme cooperates with DataCenterGruppen to complete a server room in just 10 weeks

DTU Campus Risø has just expanded its computing power with a supercomputer consisting of 524 servers with 16,768 CPUs. The cooling is done by a water chilled raised floor tile from Weiss Doppelboden.

DataCenterGruppen has delivered the server container, all connections, and the device where the servers are installed and are now operational.

One of Denmark’s largest server parks is located north of Roskilde on the DTU Risø campus, which is part of Denmark’s Technical University and which, among other things, researches wind energy and simulates various energy models.

In the northern part of the Riso DTU campus, half a dozen oversized containers housing supercomputers from various educational institutions have been assembled in a remote area over the last six years. The newest container in the server park belongs to the DTU, which was delivered turnkey by DataCenterGruppen a few months ago.

– We have tendered with three invited companies in which we have assessed their prices and solution descriptions. According to Bent Bøgelund Hansen, DTU, DataCenterGroups were chosen for their suitable solution and financial strength.

– In addition, DataCenterGruppen’s power and cooling departments are responsible for day-to-day maintenance, adds engineer Esben Højrup.
A total of DKK 25 million (EUR 3.6 million) is budgeted for the new supercomputer, of which the price for the turnkey server container with all electrical and cooling systems is well over DKK 7 million (EUR 0.94 million).

Supercomputer der DTU Risø

From right: Bent Bøgelund Hansen, AIT network group, AIT Risø Campus; Engineer Esben Højrup, CAS Risø; and Project Leader Lars Falkenberg Rasmussen, DataCenterGruppen, is in the container of the server room for the new Supercomputer of the DTU Risø.

Hydrologic DTU

Tight schedule

– Only 10 weeks have passed since the server container was ordered until commissioning. It was pressure, but we kept the schedule, smiles Lars Falkenberg Rasmussen.

The server container is designed for several computer generations.

– In our experience, a new generation of computers installed in the container can be used for 1 to 4 years. Then the development must be taken into account and upgraded to a new generation. That’s why we need server containers that can hold 2 to 3 computer generations, explains Bent Bøgelund Hansen.

Weiss Doppelbodensysteme kooperiert mit DataCenterGruppen

The new server container is mounted over another server container – they are even designed so that a third server container can be mounted above the existing server container.

The heat dissipation takes place via an active water-chilled raised floor

One of the biggest challenges with server rooms is the cooling, because the high packing density of the computers causes a strongly increased need for heat removal.
– The container is intended for 30 racks, which require cooling in a confined space of 500 kW. In the hot aisle, target temperatures of 37 ° C and 22 ° C in the cold aisle should be maintained.

Since the cost of cooling and installation anyway arises, we always want to install as many servers as possible in a confined space says Bent Højrup.
That’s why Datacenter selected Gruppen Weiss Raised Floor Systems from Germany.
In order to meet the high demands, the Hydrologic Panel, a water-cooled raised floor panel, was adapted to the needs of the customer. From the control to the physical capacity of the device, we have completely rebuilt, produced, delivered and commissioned everything within just 10 weeks, says Bernt Gottschling, Managing Director of Weiss Doppelboden Systems. By dividing the floor panels into two completely separate control loops, redundancy, performance and energy efficiency are absolutely guaranteed.

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