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Consisting of two heat exchangers and four EC-fans with a free cross section of 44%, the panels can be placed in the hot or cold aisle, pulling or pushing the air.
Certified according to DIN EN 12825 for load capacities of 3 – 5 kN.

To avoid static charges the raised fl oor panels are coated with conductive powder. Existing fl oors can quickly, easily and fl exibly be changed.

Depending on the spread of the fl ow temperature on water and air side, benefi ts up to 50 kW are possible.

Hydrologic Panel

The panel is also available as direct evaporator version. The fans react automatically on temperature changes in server cabinets and lower or raise the volume of air in dependence of preset temperature values.

The regulation of the plate is done individually using the built-in control.

The Hydrologic Panel can be equipped with the same coverings as the rest of the raised floor.

Hydrologic Panel

Technical Data

Admeasurement600 x 1200 mm
Thickness535 mm, without cover
TopsidePVC, HPL, rubber
Bottomside4 x EC-Fan
Weight80 kg
MaterialPowder-coated steel
Building material classA1
Free air outlet44%
Resistance to ground< 10⁸ Ohm (Depends on coverings)
Point load3kN
Ultimate load<6kN
Heights600-2000 mm
Cooling capacity40 kW
Voltage230 V
Power consumption720 W
Spread water12°C/18°C
Water volume5,5 m³/h
Zulufttemperatur Server21° – 30°C
Water connector1/2‘‘
Max Pressure16 bar
Pressure loss1 bar max
Cooling mediaWater or glycole water mix

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