The Thermofloor from Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH offers many advantages when it comes to room conditioning.

A heat exchanger installed directly in the floor can be used for both, as heating and for cooling a room. Due to the high efficiency of the system, it is possible to work with low flow temperatures. A fast reaction time also enables needs-based use.

The thermofloor can be used in almost all areas, from new construction to the complete renovation of an old building.

All suitable coverings for floor heating can be laid on thermofloors:


At the present time, from an economic and ecological point of view, rooms are heated and cooled via activated surfaces and the room climate is regulated only by pleasant radiant heat.

The great advantage of this type of room temperature control shows up especially in the costs, because the larger the heated surface area, the less energy has to be used. Consequently, the costs of heating and cooling are reduced and the environment is less polluted.

With the help of calcium sulphate panels an optimal heat transfer is guaranteed. By a special milling in the bottom plate, the pipes of the floor heating can be inserted directly in the panel and then be sealed with putty.

The pipes used are made of highly cross-linked polyethylene, which even have a significantly higher oxygen-tightness than required by the standard.

For the substructure suitable supports are used, which can be adjusted exactly in height.

The pipes of the underfloor heating system can be directly inserted through a special milled hole in the panel. After that they get closed with a filler.

The pipes are made of highly cross-linked polyethylene, which significantly exceed oxygen tightness in terms of standard requirements.

The underconstruction are gets used with pedestals, which can be precisely adjusted in height with integrated oxygen barrier layer.

The standard for oxygen tightness are getting clearly exceeded.

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